Overview of the Call Process

Click on the title above to see the latest progress of the call process at Bethlehem Lutheran.  Click on the title below to access the Ministry Site Profile submitted for Bethlehem’s call process.

Ministry Site Profile for Bethlehem Lutheran

The Bethlehem Constitution and Bylaws have been reviewed and updated by committee members who met in September.  The revisions have been presented to the Council and are set to be approved during the November Council meeting.  The congregation will then vote whether to accept the proposed changes at the annual meeting.  Members are encouraged to review the changes and ask any questions they have, directing them to Pastor Tom or Council members.

Congregational approval will be sought at the Annual Meeting in January 2018.

       Bethlehem Constituion 2016 plus revisions proposed 10-15-2017



We extend a welcome to our Interim Pastor, 

Rev. Tom Reuss


Pastor Tom Reuss (pronounced royce), has gone by “Pastor Tom” or “PT” for most of his 45 years in ministry.  He and his wife, Ginny, live in Cedar Rapids and he has served as an interim pastor for the last  six years.  He anticipates being in the church office on Wednesdays prior to Confirmation classes and will soon identify another day of availability during the week.  We welcome Pastor Tom and his wife, Ginny, and thank them for joining us in this time of transition.